At Locknlens: Actors Lock In, we are about community and creativity. Our workshops provide a nurturing space where working actors can come together, maintain and build upon their creative practice. Whether you're a seasoned actor brushing up or a recent graduate keen to learn more you'll find an inclusive environment of like minded people growing, learning and thriving.
What The Lock In Offers:
Monthly Workshops: Each month, we host practical workshops focusing on different aspects of acting, from character development to scene study to self tapes. Led by experienced instructors that teach at institutions throughout the UK. These workshops provide valuable insights, practical techniques, and opportunities for growth.
Community Support: Join a supportive community of fellow actors and creatives who share a commitment for the craft not the drama.
By Actors For Actors: Our workshops are designed for working in our current industry. If thats you and lead industry standard workshops then get in touch with a workshop idea.
 How To Get Involved:
Sign up for our workshops by filling out this short form
or emailing Emile here. You can also follow us on instagram for news and updates
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