Welcome to Locknlens: Where Your True Self Takes Focus
Welcome, let's jump straight in. With over 15 years in the acting industry, I've witnessed firsthand the power of a captivating headshot. Coupling my artistic eye and photographic know how I am all about capturing moments that reflect your unique potential. From working with Sony photography award winner Nick Dolding, to helping unveil the first Canon EOS R mirrorless camera, having my finger firmly on the pulse of a variety of industries, my belief is that it's our authenticity that allows us to stand out in current competitive markets.
The Mission: Empower yourself to feel confident in sharing who you are and what you can do through the art of photography. I work to create portraits that capture not just your appearance but a professional headshot that gives its viewer an opportunity to put you centre stage in a story.
The Power of Personalisation: Beyond the lens, Locknlens offers personalised pre-shoot consultations and empowerment sessions. I go beyond the surface, taking the time to understand your aspirations, career goals, and the image you want to project. By creating a comfortable and supportive environment, I ensure that your personality shines through in every shot.
A Portfolio That Speaks Volumes:  From actors seeking to captivate casting directors to musicians aiming to connect with their audience, I'm proud to be a part of my clients making a lasting impact in their respective industries.
So, when you are ready to take your professional presence to the next level book a headshot session with me today and unlock your true potential.
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