So, your photo session is in the bag and you've got snaps for days. Our next step is to find your favourite shots. Choose the pictures you'd like edited by simply taking screen grabs (Mac= Shift>Command>5 & Microsoft= Windows>Shift>S) or pictures of your photos, RED dotting pictures you DONT want and GREEN dotting the portraits you DO:
Send this to with any requests. I will edit these to an industry standard and send x1 Hi-res and x1 low-res portrait for each photo GREEN dotted.
Feel free to whittle your choice down by sending me red dotted screen grabs if you're struggling to choose. I want you to get the best out of the service I'm providing so I will keep checking in to help you make decisions as it can overwhelming staring at fifty photos of your face!
During this process please refrain from sharing any unedited photos unless previously agreed. 
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