Embracing Your Authenticity In Professional Headshots
Our Unique Story: Behind every captivating headshot lies a glimmering story. As people we read between lines, looking for narrative that conveys the interaction we might have with someone. 
In a high quality headshot session you should be given the opportunity to lean into narratives that serves you. Thats why I run personalised consultations before a shoot, I like to learn what those are, your aspirations and the image you want to project.
By embracing all variable yous we can create professional headshots that are honest and enticing focused on the human studying your face because like acting, this isn't just for you, its for your audience and they want truth.
The Confidence Boost: So isn't that great news?! Your best photos will be you mainly being....yourself. Thats why the secret to my work isn't as a photographer. It's as an actor.
As an actor I know first hand that a relaxed and supportive environment where I can feel safe enough to be vulnerable is powerful AF. I use my actors coaching background to help you feel self assured enough to stay in your own power in front of a camera, resulting in headshots that exude confidence approachability and action.
Making a Lasting Impression: Your headshot is often the first encounter potential employers, casting directors, or clients have with you. It serves as your virtual calling card, making an immediate impact.
When you know you've a headshot out there that represents your truth and piqued the interest of the person with the key to your next opportunity, we are able to meet people knowing that we are enough as we are
So when you're ready to be seen let's embark on a journey together and unlock a story that glimmers for you.
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