My beautiful peeps what a year! As it fizzles to an end I thought I’d dive into the Locknlens treasure trove of 23. My second year capturing pictures and stories etched behind eyes so herein lies a mini celebration of the kaleidoscope of events and faces I've had the privilege of capturing. For fear of not being able to choose I'm omitting the professional headshots taken this year but that still leaves many to celebrate!
Nine: To stay empathic towards clients and keep my acting skills sharp I’ve amassed an embarrassment of self portraiture. Sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating in nature but I’ve now an album that may only been viewed after the viewer is assured my obsession is self improvement and narcissism isn’t an aspirational quality of mine. Barbie mania was going on at the time so that house was calling my name and I’m glad it did.
Eight: During October this year, upon invitation I turned a well lit rehearsal room at University Centre Western into a pop up photography studio for their musical theatre and dance students. Aside from meeting some great people, we created portraits I’m not only proud of but… well, nothing is more complimentary than a client making your picture their profile photo and this happened on mass so #Winning
Seven: Our third outing of Crimes On Centre Court by New Old Friends, starting at Theatre Royal Bath and finishing at York Theatre Royal brought many an opportunity for fun snaps. These are certainly characterful.
Six: A powerful picture, captured from a moving piece of theatre. Beyond face amplifies and celebrates Global Majority people in the arts and cultural sector and they asked me to join them at the tobacco factory Theatre for there show 'Bigger than Lyrics' a visual concept album. A company doing exciting things
Five: Taken on the second eve of the year after a rehearsal in London. Carnaby Streets decorations were still up and luckily I had my camera. I love the darkness in it as much as I love the light. Tourists turned to silhouette.
Four: As forest fires burned in the south we traveled tentatively to the north of Portugal. grateful to have made the sun kissed views and chilled forever Monday vibes. We walked all over Porto finding many picturesque moments. The first, taken the night we landed meant we knew little of the area, only that bunting lined its cobbled streets. The last? Taken on our last day and gives me the melancholic feeling of leaving a place I could happily stay. I’d love to know what feeling it gives you. Drop me a line on instagram and let me know.
Three: Someone I’m very proud to have sat for their portrait for Locknlens is Dr Jo Nurse, once the head of health and education for the Commonwealth along with being a public health leader for the World Health Organisation, a voice of reason and a voice that cares. This picture is of their back garden where they revealed their admiration and respect for nature. Sat around this beautiful cloud bush plant with deer grazing in a field not too far off in the distance they told me a little about their book ‘Leadership Lessons From a Global Health Crisis’, a guide to a better planet for world leaders and policymakers, the type of book that could help put out the fires of Portugal and curtail a pandemic.
You can access Dr Nurse’s book here.
Two: Having grown up with this company entertaining folk at the festivals and carnivals of Bath and beyond it was a pleasure to jump into their magical world of costume and character. This shoot was a hoot and I definitely recommend checking the Natural theatre company out if you’d not heard of them before!
One: And finally a set of pictures I’m so proud of, particularly the first one that's had the most exposure, making the Guardian newspaper as "a joyful evocation of queer mythology". However, the biggest pride comes from a beautiful show I'm honoured to be part of. Stories reshaped  by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. This set of pictures are for “Remythed” run by BetnLev theatre. As the Associate Artistic Director it would be foolish of me not to hype the show up, so follow us and you can get tickets at
Thanks to everyone who has trod the path of 2023 with me. It's been an awesome year of learning and light shining throughout the dark at times. A special thank you to Jennifer Evans Photography who has gently mentored my photographic journey throughout this year. If your London based you'll want to check them out
Happy New Year everyone!🎉
Emile xx
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