'I loved the playfulness that Emile opened up during the shoot. His insight as an actor himself was invaluable and I loved the time he took to ensure I felt grounded and relaxed which led to the most enjoyable headshot experience I've had!'Alison Campbell
It's time to share my favourite posing process. A tip that I give to all my clients. A tip to help you walk away from a photo session feeling great and not left with a bunch of stiff photos that don’t show who you are. Firstly look for a photographer that can put how you want to be represented into the frame. Find someone whose style you like and someone who makes a point of understanding your vibe. I offer free consultations, so I can get the feel of how your photos will work for you AND you can get the sense of me. I work with creatives not just because I am one but because most will relish in the idea that their session is a creative collaboration.
Injecting Play
Our best most sustainable work comes from play. A session with Locknlens utilises this. Ive created what I call 'posing games' and invite all to play these with me. Designed to get you out of your head and stop thinking about what your left eyebrow is doing they help set the stage for decision making. We now have the technology to take hundreds of photos that don't require hours in a dark room to develop, that means we can mess about and get loose. I tell my clients were going to get you looking like the Don of your own empire or the lead role bringing the drama but lets get pics that look like you sneezed in a wind tunnel mid pano as-well! lets get you being human, because those snaps are actually a helpful reminder that people really want more truth than perfection because there is recognition and character in our imperfections.

So thats what you and I are doing. Looking for opportunities to sprinkle creativity into your calling card. Playing with light, angles, vibes to make your headshots glimmer.  This easy breezy playful approach not only helps you keep it real it means you don't walk away with a set of portraits from the 1800s. No stiff poses, just genuine character. However, as someone often on both sides of the camera I completely understand how easy it is to get stuck in the Victorian era when having shots done. It feels like there are so many voices in my head like a chorus of doubts. Am I using my best side? Is my hair okay? Do I look tired? Am I doing too much? Am I enough? Well, here is how you can get out of your head.   
Before The Pose
So here it is, the two most important tips that sound easy but we forget in a heart beat. Breath. The theatre practitioner, Jacques Lacoq was known for his understanding around breath as a vital tool for expression, enabling performers to convey emotions, rhythm, and physicality with authenticity and depth, helping them connect an onlooker to their story. This clashes quite nicely with what we have been taught when a camera is pointing at us. Someone says 'say cheese' and we freeze grin. We disconnect our facial expression from our breath and become statues rather than living breathing humans but this is an easy habit to shake. Next time you’re in front of the camera try this instead.
1. Look gently away: I explain on shoots that this is how you can stay in control. Look away and find an intention, this way you get to tell me when you're ready.
2. Breathe in: Depending on the feeling you want to convey but we are neuro-linguistically programmed to observe an inhalation as an 'idea' as 'hope'.
3. Look down that lens: Bring your intention to the camera and commit to it. Imagine what reaction the camera would be having if it were a person.
4. Breathe out: Again with your intention in mind. Exhaling will actually help you sustain that thought for longer and bring nuanced changes which is great for your photographer! 
A simple but effective thing to focus on and your right photographer will guide you so, if this has helped some pennies drop and you're ready to take your headshots to the next level, let's chat! Whether you're a business pro or a creative genius, let's craft headshots that capture your vibe and elevate your image. Reach out today and let's make your calling card pop.
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