Hello all at UCW. I would like to start by saying thank you for so many dreamy Photo sessions. You all really stepped up to the challenge and I personally and very happy with how many of the shots have turned out.
So, you can choose your shots by taking a screen grab/ photo and RED dotting shots you DONT want and GREEN dotting the portraits you DO want:
Send this to locknlens@gmail.com with any requests if you have any. I will edit these to an industry standard and send x1 Hi resolution portrait for each photo GREEN dotted. Prices for any extra photos have been heavily discounted for students at £10 and payment details will be emailed out to the relevant people.
I'd be crazy grateful if you'd be happy to review Locknlens, its super quick and has a big impact. It's my clients voices that help me grow so it would be invaluable. You can do so by clicking the link below :) 
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